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TITLE Reduced maintenance costs resulting from the use of wear resistant materials - Synopsis 
SUMMARY ... with sufficient deformability to absorb the bulk of the ... A unique design approach
coupled with high density alumina wear ... the iron is in a magnetite compound, Fe ...
AUTHOR Viljoen, S. D.
TITLE Vermiculite 
SUMMARY ... The decrease in bulk density of commercial grades is usually approximately 10 times,
from 50 to 5 lb/ft3, but varies ... magnetite) and an outer ring of diopside py ...
AUTHOR Strand, Philip R. ; Stewart, O. F.
TITLE An Integrated Solid Waste Management Method for Western Macedonia, Greece 
SUMMARY ... are washed by water spray from the attached magnetite particles, are ... of the region
waste (quantitative and qualitative composition, bulk density, humidity and ...
TITLE The Merlin Molybdenum Rhenium Deposit, Mt Isa Inlier – Two Years from Discovery to Development 
SUMMARY ... fine-grained disseminated magnetite, minor epidote and minor apatite. ... DENSITY IAL
determined bulk density from half core samples using several Archimedes based ...
AUTHOR G Phillips
TITLE Porosity Of Iron Ore Pellets 
SUMMARY ... magnetite (Fe304) to hematite (Fe203), if appropriate ... They include : 1) C373-56
"Water Absorptio Bulk Density, Apparent Porosity, and Apparent Specif Gravity of ...
AUTHOR Price, Eugene W.
TITLE Utilisation of Latrobe Valley Brown Coal Fly-Ash 
SUMMARY ... species in the form of thenardite (NazS04), periclase (MgO), haematite (FeZ03),
magnetite (Fe304) and ... kg m-3) p. apparent denisty (kg m-3) Pb bulk density (kg m ...
AUTHOR Brockway D ; Hodges S ; Milner A
TITLE Preparation of a JORC Code Compliant Resource Statement Based on an Evaluation of Historical Data – A Case Study from the Panguna Deposit, Bougainville, Papua New Guinea 
SUMMARY ... for 174 extra DDHs and a comprehensive database of 15 m composite molybdenum and
magnetite assays. Other data recovered included some bulk density, core size ...
AUTHOR P Collier
TITLE Pulverized Coal-Firing Systems For Induration Of Iron Oxide Pellets 
SUMMARY ... Magnetite ( filter cake) concentrates were blended with bentonite (8.5 kglt ) and
fed to the balling disk ata rate of 380 dry kg/h ... Bulk density, / m ' (lb/ft3). ...
AUTHOR Nigro, John C.
TITLE New Process For Oxide Pellet Production On The Mesabi Range 
SUMMARY ... The heat of reaction of magnetite oxidizing to hematite is the primary ... Bulk density,
pounds per cubic 135 130 foot Linder reduction-disintegration- 97.4 94.7 ...
AUTHOR Smith, W. ; Beggs, D. ; Rinker, F. G.
TITLE Recent Development in Ironmaking Feed Preparation 
SUMMARY ... seriously. Zinc and alkalis reflux within control of bulk density. Most
steel makers the furnace and can cause accretions on the ...
AUTHOR Gadsden R W
Showing: 41 to 50 of 1560 matches for "Magnetite bulk density"  Page    prev   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9  next

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